Deion Sanders reaches a blood clot recovery milestone.

In terms of his health, Deion Sanders isn't where he wants to be, but he is improving every day.    

Running on the practice field at Colorado University, the 56-year-old football coach for the Colorado Buffaloes recently displayed his stride.   

He's never been able to easily accelerate past a stroll since he had to battle with blood clots in his lower limbs.   

Sanders want to be able to trail Ralphie in the race the following year.    

Despite acknowledging that it was his first time jogging across the field, he gave it his all.    

Well Off Media shared the touching scene on Saturday. The degree of gratitude Coach Prime exhibits as he turns the corner in his life is evident.   

Sanders said, "I've never gone jogging before." "I think back on all the difficult moments. eleven operations. several hospitals. God is so wonderful.   

Coach Prime has long since moved on from his high-stepping days along the sidelines. But it won't even come close to slowing him down.   


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