Deion Sanders hints at how long he wants to coach at Colorado.  

Deion Sanders is only in his second season as head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, but he already knows how long he want to stay with the team.  

Sanders' response was exposed when his son Deion Jr. captured his reaction to the team's new locker room.  

His son mentioned that whoever replaces Sanders will inherit a "lot of good stuff," but the coach doesn't think that day will arrive too soon.  

"They'll have to wait about ten years," Sanders stated. "I have a good ten in me. I have a good ten strong in me."  

If his plan works out, he will remain with the Buffaloes until at least 2033, when he will be 66 years old.  

Colorado had a 4-8 record last season, ranking worst in the Pac-12 with only one conference win. The Buffaloes ended the season with a six-game losing skid.  

It was a losing streak of six games for the Buffaloes as the season came to a close.  

They’re gonna have to wait about 10 years,” Deion Sanders Sr. said in response. “I got a good 10 in me. I’ve got a good 10 strong in me.” 


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