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Country Singer Randy Travis Releases AI Song after Stroke

Years after having a stroke, a well-known figure in American country music has resumed making music using artificial intelligence.  

It's 65 years old for Randy Travis. He received multiple Grammy awards over his career and was a well-liked country music musician in the 1980s and 1990s.   

However, he suffered a stroke after visiting the hospital in 2013 due to a cardiac condition. Travis had trouble speaking after the stroke. This is the first time he has made music since his stroke.  

With the use of artificial intelligence, or AI, Travis released a new song on May 3. It's titled Where That Originated. The song was written by Scotty Emerick and John Scott Sherrill, two Nashville, Tennessee composers.  

Travis' record label, Warner Music Nashville, has Cris Lacy as a co-president. According to Lacy, she asked Travis' wife Mary, "What if we could take Randy's voice and recreate it using AI?"  

When Mary Travis heard her husband's voice in a new song, she stated, "We were all over that, so we were so excited." "Since the day of the stroke, all I've wanted is to hear that voice again."  

In London, Lacy spoke with programmers about creating an artificial intelligence system that could mimic Travis' speech. Two models were created by them.   

Twelve vocal samples throughout Travis's career were used by one model, and forty-two samples by another.  


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