Chris Hemsworth Has an Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s. He’s Fighting Back.

HE PLAYS THE God of Thunder, and we know him as an unstoppable superhero—and A-list Aussie-family bro—  

so when Hemsworth was struck by a genetic lightning bolt, it hit all of us. He underwent a genetic test for Limitless with Chris Hemsworth,  

Nat Geo documentary series about longevity, and discovered that he carries two copies of the gene APOE e4, which is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.  

"You're constantly thinking you're going to live forever, especially as a young individual," Hemsworth stated on Limitless  

"Then to be told that this might be the thing that might take you out was like, whoa—it kinda floored me."  

it does not define your fate. You can have the high-risk gene without ever acquiring Alzheimer's disease, or you can be devoid of the gene and still develop dementia.  

Furthermore, Dr. Attia believes that by making strong lifestyle changes, you can lower your risk to the same level as everyone else.  

On the episode, Dr. Attia informed Hemsworth, who is now 40, that he considered the test results a blessing:  

"This will inspire you to take measures today that most people [in their 40s] would never consider until they're in their 50s or 60s  


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