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Cavs bounce back in G2 upset win over Celtics -- 'Whatever it takes'

After the shot, which appeared offline, bounced off the backboard and through the net, Mitchell shrugged and backed down the court.  

After a 25-point setback in Game 1, Cleveland answered with a spectacular second half in Game 2 against the Boston Celtics, winning 118-94 and tying this Eastern Conference semifinal series.  

ESPN Stats & Information study found that 12.5-point underdog Cleveland won the biggest playoff game by a double-digit underdog since 1991, nearly double the previous record.  

tying LeBron James for five straight postseason games with at least 25 points, according to ESPN Stats & Information. It was nice to win. We did many good things. Ultimately, it doesn't matter.  

You must handle home court. It's fantastic to win, but we have one day to prepare and defend home court."  

Cleveland went 13-for-28 from 3-point range, shot nearly 55% from the field, and led in paint (60-44) and glass (44-31).  

"Sometimes assists," Mitchell remarked. Sometimes it's rebounds. Whatever it takes. It's time to leave. I knew I had to start filming eventually."  

Cleveland broke a halftime tie by shooting 62% overall and 10-for-15 from 3-point range in the contested second half before both teams emptied their benches with four minutes left.  


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