Can Your Eagle Eyes Find the Hidden Spoon in this Bunny Bedtime Puzzle?

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Whether they're digital puzzles or picture books, these games are a great way to keep kids entertained while they practice concentration,  

problem-solving, and observation.  

The excitement of finding concealed items in these puzzles is what makes them so addicting.  

As you uncover more and more artifacts, you'll feel a growing sense of satisfaction and motivation to keep digging.  

Because of its challenging nature, seek and find is great for both individuals and groups, encouraging both healthy rivalry and teamwork.  

So, to help you hone your observational abilities and become a puzzle master, we have compiled one such seek-and-find puzzle.   

Locate the concealed spoon in this image of bunnies getting ready for bed.   

You would think finding a spoon would be easy, but here's the catch! Only nine seconds remain on the clock for you to locate the concealed item.   


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