Caitlin Clark Reveals Injury Scare from Fans Storming Court in New Documentaries

ESPN's latest docuseries is a gold mine for basketball enthusiasts. From reviewing every breathtaking moment on and off the court with Caitlin Clark,   

Kiki Rice, and Kamilla Cardoso to providing explanations for various occurrences, 'Full Court Press' is an undoubtedly good watch.  

It also brings up memories of Iowa's loss to Ohio State last year, when a fan knocked down Iowa's No. 22. To this, the Hawkeyes sensation has finally responded.

In the documentary, Caitlin Clark describes the court-storming incident. She explained, "I was just trying to get out of there and didn't see her, so we kind of crashed really good  

"And then we kind of fell over." The event occurred following Iowa's 92-100 loss to the Buckeyes in January. It also snapped Iowa's 15-game winning run.

However, because Clark was already a tremendous star by then, the court-storming incident on January 22, 2024, became a contentious issue. She responded, "Everyone has an opinion.  

People assumed I ran into her on purpose. Why would I do that? I do not know. But, yes, it does get frustrating.   

There will be people who adore and detest you. "There will be many people who want you to fail." However, she was naturally not pleased following the occurrence.

In her post-game interview, she stated, "Kind of scary. It could have caused significant injury to me and knocked the wind out of me, but thankfully, my teammates lifted me up and got me off the court.  


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