Bugatti's next chapter: Chiron successor spotted! Check detail 

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White Frame Corner

Together, Bugatti and Rimac ushered in a brand-new age of electric performance. This joint effort was teased by reports of a prototype that had been disguised.   

When it comes to the esteemed world of hypercars, few names are as revered as Bugatti.    

The Veyron and the Chiron were only two of the revolutionary cars produced by this French marque during the twentieth century that cemented the brand's place in automotive lore.    

However, Bugatti had the difficulty of adjusting its legendary heritage to suit the requirements of a more environmentally sensitive future as the automobile industry moved towards sustainability and environmental awareness.   

In an effort to find a more environmentally friendly option, Bugatti teamed up with Rimac, a Croatian company known for its electric supercars.   

For Bugatti, this partnership was a watershed event on the road to reimagining hypercar performance via electrification.   

As we enter a new era, Bugatti will soon unveil its newest creation: a hypercar designed for mass production that will honour the brand's heritage while being environmentally conscious. 

Cardesignworld was the first to notice the first camouflaged prototype in the wild, giving automotive aficionados a sneak peek at the upcoming automobile, even though details about its design are still under wraps.   


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