Blueberry Crumb Cake is bursting with juicy flavor.  

Blueberry crumb cake is moist and golden. It has a lemon floral aroma and is studded with luscious blueberries throughout.  

The crumb topping is subtly spiced and deliciously crisp, making an excellent contrast to the moist cake beneath.  

Blueberry crumb cake is an excellent choice for parties, book clubs, or any other type of gathering because it is delicious but not smothered in sticky frosting, and it is easy to transport due to its single-layer baking.  

Learn to create blueberry crumb cake. You'll be prepared for blueberry season and able to make this on a weekly basis.  

Unsalted butter: Butter is used in both the batter and the crumb topping to create a soft cake with a creamy finish. The butter protects the topping from becoming too crisp, but it adds a pleasant contrast to the airy cake.  

The crumb topping is made with both light brown sugar and granulated sugar, which gives it a deep caramel-like flavor as well as wonderful sweetness. Sugar is also utilized in the cake to add sweetness and keep it soft.  

Ground cinnamon and ginger: These warming spices are added to the crumb topping to contrast with the sweet-tart aromas of lemon and blueberry. You could also add cardamom and cloves if you prefer them.  

All-purpose flour: This sort of flour gives the cake the perfect texture and is robust enough to keep the fruit from slipping to the bottom.  


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