Biden predicts Trump will not accept the 2024 election results.  

President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump will not recognize the results of the 2024 election.  

"He may not accept the election results. "I promise you he won't," Biden said during an interview on CNN, adding that it was "dangerous."  

The president responded to a question concerning Trump's remarks last week during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  

"If everything is honest, I will cheerfully accept the outcome. I'm not going to change it. If not, you must fight for the rights of the country," Trump stated during the interview.  

"The guy is not a democrat with a small 'd,'" Biden remarked on Wednesday of his opponent.  

The Biden campaign and the White House have already responded to Trump's statement.  

And Biden has already chastised Trump for election denialism, seeing him as a menace to democracy — though his statement Wednesday precisely foreshadowed how his opponent may act in November.  

During an April interview with Time magazine, Trump discussed the risk of political violence if he lost the presidential election.  


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