Apple iPad Pro (2024) review: the best kind of overkill

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

In terms of tablet design, the new iPad Pro is truly exceptional.   

It's the most tangible representation of the idea that a tablet should feel more like a piece of glass in your hand than a computer that I've ever seen.  

Since the USB-C cable I've been using to charge the 13-inch Pro I've been testing is already thicker than the iPad,  

I'm very unsure of how you could make it further thinner. Amazingly, it's a lightweight, swift machine.  

But is that even relevant anymore? For many years, the iPad has been a technological achievement  

it is incredibly quick, surprisingly lightweight, and extremely durable, making it ideal for almost any task you can imagine.   

Apple has kept this incredibly powerful and portable device from becoming the full-fledged computer that many customers desire by imposing a restricted and oversimplified operating system on it.   

According to Apple, the iPad is more appealing than its individual components. Some of the things you could accomplish on a MacBook won't work here,  


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