America's first Chia seed grower is a Kentucky company.

US Chia, a Louisville-based company, pioneers domestic chia seed production, capitalising on its health benefits.

Chia seeds, previously linked to novelty Chia Pets, gain popularity in human and equine diets for their omega-3 and nutrient content.

Partners from University of Louisville MBA program develop varieties suitable for US climate, backed by UK patents.

Exclusive licences secured by US Chia and partners to cultivate and distribute domestically grown chia seeds.

Initial focus on equine feed production, with plans to expand into the food industry in the future.

Successful harvest yields 25,000 pounds, signalling promising start for US China.

Plans for doubling production on 126 acres indicate rapid growth and market demand.

Future goals include widespread distribution to horse farms nationwide and supply to feed retailers and manufacturers.


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