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Alert NASA! NASA NEOWISE Telescope Sees Massive 210-Foot Asteroid Reaching Earth; Speed, Distance, Name, etc.  

Get all the info on asteroid 2022 AA5.  

Today, April 30, a 980-foot asteroid dodged Earth. NASA says this massive asteroid 2022 AA5 will cross at 4.43 million miles at 63855 kmph.  

NASA reports that another space rock is approaching Earth at half the distance of the large asteroid 2022 TN1.  

NASA's JPL said the asteroid will pass 2.86 million miles (4.6 million kilometers) from Earth on May 2nd.  

NASA's NEOWISE telescope regularly tracks asteroids and comets.   

The 32093-kmph asteroid 2022 AA5 is heading near Earth. Will it affect Earth? Know NASA's claims.  

Asteroids struck Earth? You may see many news headlines and space updates on incoming asteroids approaching Earth.   

An estimated 6- to 9-mile-diameter asteroid crashed with Earth 66 million years ago, transforming life on Earth.   


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