In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a player lost an 82% complete save after 250 hours and announced "I'm free" until he tragically found he could get it back  

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Just one It appeared like the worst possible thing happened to the player of The Legend of Zelda:  

Tears of the Kingdom when they lost their 250-hour, 82% complete save file. However, recovering that save file turns out to be an even more terrible fate.  

A competitive fighting game player and commentator named Brian 'Brian_F' Foster said on April 23 that he had overcome Tears of the Kingdom after 250 hours.  

By this point, he had earned all the light roots, armor sets, Sage's Wills, and Yiga schematics.  

Brian F opted to press on for a 100% completion run despite the fact that there were six sidequests that were still unfinished and the map was only 77% finished.  

Until you decide you want to finish it all the way through, Tears of the Kingdom is a fantastic,   

huge game that you will love exploring. We're talking about an accomplishment that originally required 139 hours,  

or more than five days of nonstop running, to finish. Although the current record shows that the runs take 'just' one or two days,  


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