"Aaron Rodgers is absolutely past his prime": Colin Cowherd dissects Jets roster, sets dismal expectations for 2024 NFL season

In a recent segment on his popular sports talk show, Colin Cowherd took aim at the New York Jets' roster and painted a bleak picture for their prospects in the upcoming 2024 NFL season. 

While dissecting the team's strengths and weaknesses, Cowherd didn't mince words, particularly when it came to veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

With a sharp wit and a penchant for provocative analysis, Cowherd didn't hesitate to declare, "Aaron Rodgers is absolutely past his prime."  

This statement alone is likely to incite strong reactions from football fans across the nation, especially considering Rodgers' storied career and his status as one of the game's most accomplished quarterbacks.  

However, Cowherd is known for his bold takes, and he didn't hold back in expressing his opinion on Rodgers' current abilities. 

Cowherd's assessment of the Jets' roster went beyond Rodgers' performance, though. He delved into various aspects of the team, from its offensive line to its defensive secondary, 

offering his insights on where improvements are needed and where the team may struggle. With a critical eye, Cowherd  

highlighted areas of concern and questioned whether the Jets have the talent and depth necessary to compete at a high level in the ultra-competitive landscape of the NFL. 

For Jets fans, Cowherd's commentary may be difficult to swallow, especially after enduring years of disappointment and frustration. 

The team has long been mired in mediocrity, and despite occasional flashes of promise, it has struggled to establish itself as a legitimate contender in the league. 


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