A One-Card Tarot Horoscope For All 12 Zodiac Signs On May 7


The play has reached its conclusion. Chaos is over, and your life will return to normal. At first, it may feel weird. You may be wondering when the floor will fall from beneath you, but don't panic.   


You are ready to go! Others may consider you silly for moving so hastily. You want to make sure you don't squander your chance at happiness. So go on, Taurus.   


Confusion is a fast track to troubles with friends, family, and those who rely on you. Before making assumptions about what others may say, ask. Today, communication channels must remain open.  


Life gives you with two choices. Both appear to be good options, but you'll only want to choose one. Make a list of advantages and negatives.   


There is no longer any reason to speculate on what might happen in the future. The future is here, right now. You are receiving the gift of knowledge and insight.  


People want to see you happy, which is a fantastic sensation. You have fantastic pals in your life who all want you to smile. So, when you need help, counsel, or an encouraging remark, don't withdraw into your own world.  


It is time to take risks and attempt new things. You are in a decent emotional and spiritual state to handle a few unknowns. Life frequently takes unexpected turns  


It's so simple to quit. The world is full with quitters, but you are tenacious. This tarot card advises to persevere till the bitter finish. By deciding to stick around, you will outlast your competitors.   


You are an independent thinker, and no one enjoys being told that they must do things a specific way. In this case, someone you trust is taking the lead. You will need to follow blindly.  


Someone's poor mood might easily bring you down. You can let them or opt to be strong and not let their troubles become your own. Happiness is a decision, and you can be satisfied regardless  


You will not allow anyone to waste your time. It's one thing to be on hold and waiting for a deadline, but a random ending with no specified date is just a nuisance to you.   


Change is frightening. New things are frightening. You may feel out of place, but do not be terrified. When you overcome your worries by not taking action, you do something incredible: you strengthen your courage muscle!  


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