Country music legend has new music a decade after losing ability to sing

Randy Travis is a country music legend. 

There's no denying it, although younger fans of the genre may not be familiar with him. That's because the 65-year-old hasn't released any new songs in quite some time. There is a valid explanation for that, of course.   

According to CBS News, he only had a 2% chance of survival at the moment. Randy continued to kick, but the stroke struck the area of his brain that regulates speech and language the hardest,    

according to the CBS story. And so it appeared that his singing days were finished.   

That changed this week, when Travis released a new song called "Where That Came From." 

That has people talking. Travis and his crew used artificial intelligence to help create the tune   

It was a process that involved a surrogate vocalist, James DuPre, who recorded the vocal tracks. Travis' producers then employed AI technologies to convert 42 of his vocal-isolated recordings into the tune.   

The CBS article describes an emotional process and reveal for the artist and those closest to him, as well as some positive news for Travis fans who appreciated his new song.   


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