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5 Different Pudding Brands, From Worst to Best

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Many Americans remember pudding as an after-school snack or dessert. We call pudding differently from the rest of the globe.   

American pudding is a creamy, chilled custard delicacy flavored with chocolate or tapioca, like the British custard.   

The brand name on the package usually evokes nice memories of that chilly treat.  

Dove's chocolatiers tried pudding, but they're last. The 2020 announcement that the large chocolate brand was testing pudding mixtures generated a lot of buzz. These weren't as successful. Dove still only has four flavors.

1. Dove 

Even though Hershey's limited to chocolate, it makes delicious varieties like Cookies & Cream and S'mores. Leaving these spin-offs aside, the fundamental chocolate pudding is heavy in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.   

2. Hershey's

Great Value may be unfamiliar to Americans in Walmart-free areas. However, Walmart shoppers recognize Great Value as the trusted house brand. Labels sometimes mean what they say.   

3. Great Value

Simply Delish isn't for everyone, but if you want a healthy, delightful pudding snack, this brand is unmatched. The sugar-free pudding brand is Keto-friendly, and each instant pudding mix has 20 calories per serving, or 80 calories per box, according to Simply Delish.   

4. Simply Delish

My*T*Fine is an OG pudding and pie filling mix brand. The South Florida Reporter reports that My T Fine introduced the first boxed pudding mix in the nation in 1918. Since then, My T Fine maintains its current three pudding mix flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and lemon.  

5. My T Fine


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