4 sign that she likes you

Body language speaks volumes. Pay close attention to her body language while she is near you. Does she lean in as you speak? Make frequent eye contact.

These small clues can be very effective predictors of interest. If she repeats your movements or finds excuses to lightly touch you, it could indicate that she is attracted to you.

Engagement in Conversation: Pay attention to how she engages with you throughout conversations. Is she actually interested in what you're saying? Does she

ask follow-up questions and participate in the discussion? A lady who likes you will often try to engage with you on a deeper level, expressing genuine interest in your ideas and perspectives.

Keep track of who initiates communication between you two. Does she contact you first? Someone who likes you will often initiate contact, whether through text messages,

phone conversations, or social media. If she makes an effort to communicate with you, it's a positive sign that she appreciates your company.

Shows Support and Encouragement: Pay attention to how she responds to your accomplishments and struggles. 

A lady who likes you will support your ambitions and aspirations, celebrate your accomplishments, and offer words of encouragement when times are tough.

 If she actively listens to your worries and gives aid without hesitation, it's apparent that she cares about you.


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