4 Obvious Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

Consistent Eye Contact: They say that the eyes are windows to the soul, and this is true even in matters of the heart. I  

If he makes continuous eye contact with you, regularly catching and maintaining your gaze from across the room,  

he's probably trying to convey his interest without saying anything. His eyes express volumes, and they convey admiration.  

Acts Nervous Around You: Does he get fidgety, stutter, or flush while you're around? These are common indications of someone feeling the pressure to impress someone they like  

His nerves could be betraying him, displaying his actual emotions despite his efforts to hide them.  

Goes out of his way to help you. Pay attention to his behaviours. If he's always the first to give help or goes out of his way to make your life simpler,  

it could be a sign that he cares. From small favours to large gestures, his actions communicate volumes about his emotions for you.  

Finds Reasons to Make Contact: Whether it's a little brush of his hand against yours or finding reasons to be physically close to you  

he's breaking the touch barrier. Physical touch is an effective means of communication, and if he seeks it out, it's a sure sign that he's attracted to you.


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