More About Us

A Thanks to the Community
We have been overwhelmed by the support and interest of our fellow desert dwellers. Please know, with every ounce of assurance we can give, this restaurant was designed with you in mind. My wife's people first came to the High Desert in 1930 - dirt road and a Ford Model T - and finally built a house and retired in Twentynine Palms in 1949 and stayed. She spent years - as we moved from major urban area to major urban area - trying to explain the hold this small desert town had on her heart. I didn't get it. Now, seven years after moving to that same small desert town (following her father's passing), I do. And I hope we've captured a bit of that magic. Come see us and let us know how we did...

Social Responsibility
We manage our carbon footprint by purchasing as many products from local, sustainable and organic suppliers using the freshest in season produce, seafood, oils available and utilizing as close to 100% as possible. To achieve this goal, we take inspiration from different styles and cultures, offering a diverse menu that changes frequently. Our chef asks for your patience, understanding and confidence in our menu should we run out of your favorite item.

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